Consumers are faced with a bewildering array of choices when they shop, so what makes them choose one product over another? Strategically planned, consistent and distinct branding that persuades people by appealing to their emotions is the difference. Most of the time, consumers don’t even know it…..but heiDesign have for 25 years.

And besides…..the team at heiDesign sure know how to shop. Perfecting the practice has meant attaining a keen eye for essential design features that make products stand out. And, yes, we will keep telling ourselves our credit card debts are the result of ardent research for our clients!

Let us help your product leap off the shelves

Let’s play!

Festivals are celebrations of life, the arts and community as well as a great opportunity to don fabulous outfits so what could be more fun to work on, we ask? heiDesign has worked with many festivals, from small gatherings to large international events, over two decades while dancing around the printer and we love how it gets our creative juices flowing so much more than usual.

We offer everything from event management to branding, media management and merchandising- the jack of all in this celebratory trade.

For an appointment to discuss how heiDesign can work with your event, give the team a call today.

It’s the perfect relationship- we thrive on the adrenaline while they thrive on our speed, attention to detail and service.

When it’s time to get serious, heiDesign is there all the way providing sleek, innovative design solutions tailored to your brief.

Professional high end design without the high price tag.

Working with bureaucracy requires an operational understanding of unique protocols and procedures and the heiDesign team have it covered after 25 years of providing design solutions for government clients.

These clients love our patience and understanding as they attempt to have a committee of 15 people agree on an outcome. The heiDESIGN team pride themselves on their zen master attitudes. No matter how hard it gets, you will not stress us out.

If your department needs to outsource an event or social media management, heiDesign can also help. Our pit of talent is bottomless.

We totally dig giving our clients an extreme makeover when requested and get excited about the smaller jobs as well- any opportunity to get creative gets our team raring to go.

Call to see how we can help you today.

Sensitive branding, printing, design and advertising targeting any of the health sectors is a niche heiDesign has delved into many times over the years. Our team has a gentle approach and work closely with clients to advise the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

A snap poll of the heiDesign team discovered none would ever dare disrespect their grandma. For as much as they have inspired, encouraged and loved us all there would also be hell to pay if we ever broke nanna’s rules. If you give us a brief for an aged care product or service we will deliver whatever you want.

Seriously, whatever you want!

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