heiDesign is a hub of imagination and creativity where ideas become concepts begetting reality.

Heidi Mercer began as a freelance designer in 1989 straight out of high school (yup, she’s that old…..*ahem*) with an elaborate, oh-so-on-trend bouffant, she faced and has survived 25 years in a continuously evolving industry. A quarter of a century, and what seems like thousands of revolutionary changes later, Heidi’s business has also evolved into a dedicated team specialising in retail and corporate design, heiDesign.

The emergence of the internet and, more recently, social media has seen technology and media merge to create an entire new marketing landscape that we absolutely love. Gone are the days where the only way to reach customers was via mail or the idiot box.

It’s now faster and more cost efficient than ever to engage your audience but not every business owner can be a marketing genius. With the continually evolving environment of digital marketing, countless hours must be spent to keep current ……. or you can get a little assistance and stay one step ahead of your competition…

Insert heiDesign!

We combine our passion for design and communication with a love of technology and bam!……. you now have a complete digital and design agency at your beck and call to propel your business above the competition.

Our motto at heiDesign is service, service, service! We are not just any ol’ design company, we are here to inspire and be inspired, to do your jobs big and small,  to make sure your brief is delivered on time every time. But most of all we are here to make you look great in front of your clients, customers or boss. Just pick up the phone to ask us how.