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A hub of imagination and creative ideas.

We are not just any ol’ design company, we are here to inspire and be inspired, to do your jobs big and small, to make sure your brief is delivered on time every time.

A boutique design agency with exceptional service.

We are zen masters, your ridiculous deadlines will not stress us.


From digital and print publications to television and radio, heiDesign is the swiss army knife of advertising. Brief us with your dreams and allow us to revel in your joy as you see them become reality.

Identity and Branding

We have the expertise if you have the business. Dynamic and original solutions for your new company or just a regular facelift – keeping things fresh is our passion.

Print and Packaging

You would not believe the amount and range of stuff we’ve printed over 25 years! With long established, reliable suppliers we guarantee quality printing, amazing turn-around times and innovative printing methods. We can sort your packaging and delivery, whether it be to one location, multi-state or international- we will get your print where it needs to be on time and within budget.

Digital Design

We develop and high impact, easy to navigate, digital designs across multiple platforms and can manage all of your social media streams.


Our high energy photo shoots result in images that sell and pictures that tell amazing stories

Retail and Exhibitions

We specialise in retail promotions and distinctive graphics for events from concept, print production and installation

Social Media

Marketing is continuously evolving and heiDesign are all over it! You could say managing brands via social media is “our thing”. In fact, we do say it and have thousands of ideas to share with the online community.

What we do

We just like to design and make stuff … any kind of stuff. Whether it be logos, brochures, annual reports, product packaging, websites or TVCs, we jump in with everything we’ve got.

We produce high quality designs and combine it with a top notch service. Once you’ve experienced the heiDesign way you will never want to go back to your current agency.

Keeping our overheads down allows us to offer you really great design rates. Want proof? Ask us to quote your next job and you’ll see.

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Who we do it for

Check out our design portfolio below, and you will see that over the years, we’ve done creative work for the retail sector, food producers, the sporting arena, large international companies and smaller domestic businesses … you could say we’ve done it all.

We’re always excited to get our hands stuck into any new project that we could proudly display in our portfolio, so get in touch if you’d like to work with us!

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Enter a world of visual storytelling.

Quality TVCs and video production.

Midea Survivor TVC 0:44

Working with one of our favourite production houses to produce graphics for the launch of the Midea Survivor TVC campaign featuring on Foxtel and some free to air channels.

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2:25

Rainbow Serpent Festival is the largest transformational festival in Australia … take a sneak peek with one of the many films we’ve created for them over the years.

No Matter from Where 1:16

We invited people from all over the planet who were going to Rainbow Serpent Festival to send us a short video for our short piece titled “No Matter From Where.”

Want to see some of our design work?

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